Each project is different just like each pattern and designer!

Every illustration is a chance to explore the beauty of knit stitches.  They can be used as a schematics or used on branding products such as stationary, promotional materials, and enamel pins. Illustrations can be created by hand or digitally. Both processes reflect a hand drawn feel. Illustrations created by hand are drawn with ink using a quill, while digitally painted illustrations are drawn using a digital tablet and stylus with more clean rounded edge paint strokes. 

As each project is different, tell us more about your ideas using our enquiry form.


  • sketch phase to refine and finalize the illustration design

  • digital files of the illustration in requested formats (ex. JPEG, TIFF, PSD, AI, PDF)

  • original hand drawn illustrations can be sent upon request

The Process

Each illustration commission begins with a sketch phase. Clients are sent three sketches to begin discussion and refine the idea for the final illustration. 

Sketches from illustration for Hanna Lisa Haferkamp Designs.

From the three sketches, there will be refinement and adjustments of various sketches and ultimately it will be narrowed down to one final sketch. This one sketch will be refined until the client is satisfied at which point the final illustration will be created to fit the intended use.

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