susan b anderson sketch final.jpg

"Aleks Byrd is a fantastically talented illustrator! She makes the process of combining ideas along with her artwork so easy. Aleks is quick to respond, meets deadlines and is clear and concise on expectations. She is incredibly open and flexible to input and makes every attempt to make you, as her client, happy with the final outcome. At Barrett Wool Co. we had a top-notch experience with Aleks and her work for us has had a tremendously positive response from our customers and knitters in general. I look forward to working with Aleks in the future!"

Susan B. Anderson

Hanna Lisa Haferkamp

"It was fantastic how fast Aleks was able to grasp what I was after and then put her unique spin on it. She took the overall idea and then added so many little details that really make the final illustration stand out. Also, it’s amazing how many people have commented on that the woman on the sketch really looks like me!"

Hanna Lisa Final Illustration v4.jpg